Meet Ramya.

Welcome to my kitchen! I’m Ramya and the food blogger behind EatsByRamya. My friends know me as someone who is always involved in a *lot of stuff*.

I dabble in data science, marketing, photography, nutrition coaching, a little bit of dance and lots of cooking.

EatsByRamya was launched in 2019 as a place for busy, young people to find quick and healthy recipes that are not complicated.

There’s something so special about a home-cooked meal that you simple won’t find in takeout. That’s why I take pride in teaching busy 20-somethings how to cook for themselves!

Meet Chandni.

Chandni is a blog writer at EatsByRamya and studying Biomedical Science at Ohio State University.

If you’ve tried a recipe from the EatsByRamya website, chances are you’ve read an article written by Chandni! Chandni loves to experiment in the kitchen and try new recipes when school gets stressful.

Some of her hobbies include dancing, doing henna and reading.